Pastor George Everett speaking to Mercer Island Presbyterian Church about the Ebola outbreak in his home country of Liberia. (Photo by Sarah Stuteville)

Ebola crisis taking a toll on local Liberians

Liberian-Americans say they have the knowledge to help contain the outbreak in their home country, but they don't have the money


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A WWII era poster encourages saving food scraps to feed animals. (Photo from National Archives)

How to break our addiction to food waste

A WWII era poster encourages saving food scraps to feed animals. (Photo from National Archives)

Kirkland resident Gina VanLoon hardly has any food waste in her compost bin.

But that isn’t something she could brag about a few months ago. VanLoon knew she had a problem with too much produce rotting before someone in her family of five could eat it.


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(Photo from National Archives)

Why we’re wasting food in a hungry world

Is the solution to feeding a growing global population sitting right there on our plates?


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UW students Sophia Lo (Left) and Tina Choi (Right) hold yellow ribbons to show support for the Hong Kong protest. (Photo by Katy Wong)

Chinese students in Seattle respond to Hong Kong protests

Hong Kong is 10,404 km away from Seattle. But that's not stopping students at the University of Washington from supporting the protests in Hong Kong.


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A man in the Nyanza province of Kenya chews on sugarcane, an indigenous crop that is less visible since the promotion of AGRA hybrid crops throughout Africa. (Photo by Anna Goren)

Gates Foundation’s African agriculture agenda gets some blowback

A grassroots conference last weekend brought African farming leaders to Seattle to take on a green revolution they say is more about profit then poverty alleviation.


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