Demonstrators at Westlake Park last weekend protest a rash of police killing civilians. (Photo by Sara McCaslin)

How our police became soldiers (and how we can change them back)

The standoff in Ferguson has Seattleites wondering what kind of paramilitary equipment our local police are packing.


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Participants in the Muslim Youth Leadership Program pose for a photo behind the Northwest Cable News desk. (Photo courtesy CAIR-WA)

Young Muslims seek careers correcting media misrepresentations

Can training young Muslims for leadership roles improve public perceptions of Islam?


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Historias Indígenas: Indigenous Mexican women fight back against violence and corruption

Alcoholism, domestic violence, corruption, poverty — the deck is stacked against the women of high altitude indigenous communities in Veracruz. But an upstart human rights group is helping them turn the tables.


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Harold Jones, a paralegal specialist and diversity officer at Navy Medicine Support Command, reads to first-grade students as part of a community volunteer program. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Bruce Cummins)

South King County schools see big wins getting immigrant parents involved

For the first time this year, the majority of kids enrolled in American public schools will be minorities. Some local school districts are ready.


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Final week at the Globalist for staffer Sara McCaslin

The Seattle Globalist bids a fond farewell to staffer Sara McCaslin this week, who will be starting a new position with SEIU Sept. 1st.


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